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Деревня Уси, город Чжунлуотан, Байюнь, Гуанчжоу, провинция Гуандун

Деревня Уси, город Чжунлуотан, Байюнь, Гуанчжоу, провинция Гуандун
  • Лабораторный табурет

Лабораторный табурет

Согласно требованиям экспериментов, большинство лабораторных стульев необходимо регулировать по высоте и поворачивать; ZHIHAO предоставляет разнообразные лабораторные лабораторные стулья для удовлетворения разнообразных требований. Среди них школа ...


According to experiments requirements, Most of lab stools need to be height adjustable and swivel; ZHIHAO provides variety of science lab stools to meet variety of requirements. Among of them, School lab stool (LS-001) is with fantastic cheap price, it is designed for school science classroom.

ZHIHAO adjustable lab stool is available in a variety of material to meet different application; They are all height adjustable, swivel;

(A) Item No: LS-001

Name: school lab stool; it's the cheapest laboratory stool;

Seat Material: ABS plastic, blue color;

Seat Diameter: 290mm

Height: 450-520mm, adjustable;

Lifting control: screw lifting;

Metal Frame: coated with epoxy resin powder;

(B) Item No: LS-002

Name: science lab stool

Seat Material: FRP

Seat Diameter: 320mm

Height: 440-600mm, adjustable;

Lifting control: pneumatic lifting;

Metal Frame: electoplate metal frame;

(C) Item No: LS-003

Name: stainless steel lab stool

Seat Material: 201 or 304 stainless steel

Seat Diameter: 320mm

Height: 440-600mm, adjustable;

Lifting control: pneumatic lifting;

Metal Frame: electoplate metal frame; stainless steel legs;

Features: anti-static;

Science Lab Stool

ZHIHAO Lab Furniture Products Lists:

  • lab table :wooden lab table, metal frame lab table, (stainless) steel lab tables;
  • safety cabinet: flammable cabinet for chemicals, corrosive cabinets for strong acid and alkali; vented chemical storage cabinet for discharge gases outdoor;
  • lab hood: lab hood ventilation in steel or stainless steel material, ductless fume hood in steel material;
  • vertical laminar flow hood, horizontal laminar flow hood, desk top laminar flow clean bench;
  • safety shower and emergency eyewash meet OSHA requirements;
  • lab stool for school and different laboratory;
  • lab cart for moving items easily, widely used in hospital;
  • student desks and chairs;
  • water faucet, sink, pegboard, and all the other accessories;

science lab stools

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  • We are the leading lab furniture manufacturer in china. You can save not only time but also budget by getting products directly from us. (high quality with fantastic price.)
  • All the products are with lifetime maintenance. And one year free warranty.
  • Good service. Our company spirit is "service each customer with heart and soul". No any cheating here. And all your initial inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.



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